FAQ About Payment

  1. What is meant by online treatment?

Online treatment means, the patient will not meet the doctor directly, instead all the communication will be through email. For video consultation and telephonic chat, you can book your suitable time through our website.

  1. If the medicines are lost during transit time, what will be the solution?

Almost all couriers services having their own tracking system and if the medicine has not reached within 14 days, please contact us. We will send new medicine or will arrange an alternative solution.

  1. How much confidential is the patient’s data?

Patient's data will be 100% confidential. We will not share the information with anyone, and all the communication between doctor and the patient will be 100% safe.

  1. From which country patient can utilize the online treatment?

Patient can utilize the online consultation facility anywhere in the world; and there will be a special charge for outside Indian patient.

  1. Is online payment transaction are secured?

We are using Razorpay, and Pay pal payment gate ways. And they are highly safe and secure.

  1. Is there any money-back guarantee for treatment?

We will not refund the payment once you paid.

  1. How quick is your service? How long does it take for my information to reach you?

We will receive an alert message once you present your case, and there is will be a minimum time gap between submission to and reception.

  1. How much will be the minimum time for the medicines to reach me?

Normally, it will take two to three days for dispatching the medicine, and for local customer it will receive within six days, and for international customer, it will take minimum 10 days.

  1. Can online Patient will be able to consult Dr. Akbar in person?

Yes, you can consult personally; but prior to that you have to book your appointment through our website or by calling us or sending an email.