Vomiting in infants and children is usually due to gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GORD or GERD).

The mechanism behind is due to the relaxation of muscles (sphincter muscle) in the lower part of the food tube - that is the esophagus.

Symptoms are-

Regurgitation of foods, vomiting, frequent and sudden spells of crying without any cause, aversion to eat, hiccups, etc.


Small quantities of food at frequent intervals should be the method of feeding. Milk feeds should be thickened with rice cereals.

Homeopathic treatment

Medicines like Nux vom, Calc carb, Phosphorus, Robnia, Carbo veg. Etc . are the best medicines in homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines though treat symptomatically; it helps to correct the underlying pathology also. So after trying homeopathic medicines the cure will be permanent and the general health to the child is markedly improved. Homeopathic medicines are not only safe but easy to administer also.




Bed wetting or enuresis is more common in boys, especially first born children or children who have experienced stress in early life or children of lower social classes. 

Bed wetting is mostly at night and never had a single dry night. This is the true bed wetting.

In secondary or acquired bed wetting it starts around the age of 5 and who had been previously dry at night for at least 12 months.

Genetic factors play an important role in the causation – boy with nocturnal enuresis, has 75% chance of having the first-degree relative who wets the bed even after five years of age.

Due to some chronic illness or inadequate training or due to maturation delay or due to small bladder capacity bed, wetting may occur.

In certain diseases like diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipidus also causes enuresis.  

It may also occur as a symptom of psychological ill health with the presence of an organic disease.


Urine routine examination for glucose and blood.

USG to rule out anatomical abnormality of urinary tract.


Counseling and training

The child should be trained to empty the bladder before going to bed. All kinds of punishment should be avoided.

Fluid restriction after evening.

Bladder capacity training. Here during the daytime ask the child to hold the urine as possible and gradually increase the time before voiding.

Homeopathic treatment.

If the cause is due to any illness, the aim is to treat the cause. This should be done by considering the present pathological symptoms, and a suitable remedy is selected. This is followed by a constitutional remedy. If it is purely psychological, then homeopathic medicines equally act very well.  For these, as homeopathic philosophy says the mental aspect of the child should be studied correctly and the physical impact or mental impact if any should be given importance.

Homeopathic medicines are highly recommended in bed wetting of children, and the result is very good.

Medicines like Cina, Sepia, Natrum mur, Causticum are the important remedies.

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                                                   JAUNDICE IN NEW BORN

Bilirubin is the breakdown part of old and used red blood corpuscles in the body. And this bilirubin is responsible for the yellow color of jaundice. And when these bilirubins become excess, jaundice develops. The condition of excess bilirubin in blood is known as hyperbilirubinemia.

Etiologynormal bilirubin metabolism requires the following factors.

1 maturity in livers

2 normal load of bilirubin

3 adequate quality and quantity of glucuronic acid conjugate for conversion of the fat-soluble bilirubin (it is called as indirect bilirubin) in order to water soluble (direct) bilirubin for proper excretion.

4 normal biliary passages.

5 patency and motility for intestines.

The indirect bilirubin that crosses the immature blood-brain barrier causing kernicterus or brain damage, and if it occurs, it is a serious condition.

So it is in the ‘matured liver’ who takes up the bilirubin and after a series of a process, it is released into  the intestine, since the liver of the new born is not matured enough to remove the bilirubin quickly, there is excess of bilirubin in blood, this condition is known as physiological jaundice.

In infants jaundice may be also due to-


Blood incompatibility between mother’s blood and infant’s blood.

Internal  bleeding

Bacterial or viral infection

Malfunctioning of liver

Deficiency of certain enzymes.

In newborn, jaundice appear on about the 4th day and last for 5 days in full-term babies. But it may extend up to 7 days in preterm infants. And the increases in value began to decline by about 2 mg% which last for up to 14 days in the second phase. This may last for more than one month in preterm infants and with exclusive breast-feeding and usually requires no intervention.


In new-born, jaundice first appears in the skin and white of the eyes. It should be examined under the day light

How to check jaundice in new born?

Examination in natural light is a must to check the neonatal jaundice. Gently press on the tip of the nose or forehead of the baby. If there is paleness while pressing there is no jaundice.

Features of pathological jaundice

(i)            Jaundice in first 24 hours

(ii)         Increase in total bilirubin > 0.5mg/dl/hr

(iii)      Total bilirubin >15mg/dl

(iv)       Direct bilirubin>2mg/dl


Frequent breast-feeding is good to remove the excess bilirubin. Feed the baby at least in every 2 to 3 hours in a day and whenever the child wakens at night.

Sun bath-expose the infant to sunlight daily for about 15 minutes for 3 times a day.

How to perform a sun bath?

Keep the baby exposed next to a closed window and let the sunlight rays shine on the body for about 15 minutes. The baby should be fully exposed.

Even after the above measures if the discoloration spread to other parts of the body, and the infant refuses to take breast milk, and if there are fever and excessive crying, then definitely it is time to consult the doctor.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is definitely effective in the treatment of neonatal jaundice.

Usual remedies are Chamomilla, Arnica, Nux vom, Merc sol etc.;





Pica is the tendency to eat non-nutritive things over a period of at least one month without an aversion to normal food.

The term is derived from Latin and named after a bird.

Geophagia- it is the pica of eating of clay.

Pagophagia is eating of ice.

Amylophagia is eating of starch.

Predisposing factors

X   Lack of parenteral nurturing

X   Iron deficiency

X   Low socio economic group

X   Autistic children

X   Mental retardation

Usually eating substances are

X   Clay

X   Wall plaster

X   Paint

X   Ash

X   Pencil

X   Lead

X   Soap

X   Earth

X   Mud


Check for nutritional anemia, worm infestation and other predisposing factors.

Furthermore, check for the complication of pica like lead poisoning.


Homeopathic is highly effective to remove this craving for undigested things,

Effective medicines are Cina, Sulphur, Graphits, Calc carb, etc..... The selection of medicines depends up on the craving things, and also depends upon the nature to the patient.

Since the homeopathic medicine route out the cause the cure is permanent.